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Note that if you've done the hi-hat BPF and LPF mods, the way the 606 is built means that they will be also imparted on the cymbal. Well, that's something you'll have to live with, but there are a few other things you can do to liven up this somewhat weak sounding instrument!

Cymbal BPF #2
Cymbal HPF

Cymbal BPF #2 (and cutoff reversal)

This was first identified by Plutonique9 on the AH list. It's very similar to the hi-hat mod. I'm actually going to quote p9 word for word on this one. I actually think it sounds better than he says.

"There are two bandpass filters used to control the tone of the cymbals, one is shared by the hi hats (this mod has been documented by Geoff Waterston), and the other affects the cymbal only. If you have good ears, you may be able to here a certain "ringing" sound in the cymbals, this mod control the tone (or pitch) of this ringing, kinda boring but useful none the less."

"This mod involves removing resistor "R222" from the 606, and replacing it with a 5k potentiometer or trimpot. "R222" can be found close to IC15. Wiring up a potentiometer or trimpot to this point is the same deal as the Cymbal decay mod, simple dimple."

Cymbal HPF

This one is good. It sounds like and is done the same way as the hi-hat HPF. Find C73 near IC12, and add a 25k pot in parallel with this cap. Easy. You will need to play around to find the one that works best for you though.