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Snare Drum

These mods were devised by Geoff Waterstone. They were pretty much correct, and are here in a form to reduce any confusion! (I hope)

Snare Decay
Snare Pitch
Snare Filter

Snare decay (and cutoff reversal)

This mod does what you'd expect, and changes the decay of the snare. Don't expect 808 like control though, it really has the effect of shortening the existing snare, but is very effective nonetheless.

Right, pretty easy. Solder a 2.2uF cap in parallel with C35. (Of course, you could replace this with an equivalent cap, remember to add caps when in series!). Then solder a 5.6k resistor and 100k pot (as recommended by GW) in parallel with this cap. I actually used a 5.6k resistor and 500k pot for maximum effect.

Snare Pitch

This one is piss easy, and also gives you a great tuneable range for the snare drum. Simply remove R112 and replace it with a resistor and pot. I used a 1M pot and a 400k resistor. Geoff recommends you use a 470k resistor. It will depend on your machine, try and play around for the best range.

Snare Filter

The filter is a cool mod, and effectively gives you a 'snappy' control for your 606. Great for tonal variations in the good old snare. It's just a HPF that we're toying with here.

Anyway, easy again, replace R153 with a 50k pot and 340R resistor. Geoff recommended 390ohm resistor and a 100k pot, so I shouldn't need to tell you to play around for your ideal settings!